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A most under-rated personal computer

Each week, as I put together the Mac-Forums newsletter, I look over the latest posts — many from folks who are not only new to the forum, but new to Mac. Some of these self-described newbies grew tired of the constant changes and security threats to Windows. And many of… Read More

Is the time right for Apple to start licensing OS X?

It has always struck me as odd that Apple’s design philosophy inevitably favors form over functionality.  In some cases, that strict allegiance to form often compromises what would other be a very useful product, like the MacBook Air.  I’m sure a lot of people value the beautiful aesthetics of Apple… Read More

How to keep your Mac running smooth

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By far the best and most useful session I attended today at the Users Conference was “Running Your Mac Lean, Clean, and Mean” by Dave Hamilton. He presented his qualifications as follows:

• Mac Observer – 9 years
• Mac Geek Gab Podcast – almost 3 years
• Geek … forever! Read More

5 Reasons Macworld Appeals to a PC User

As I’m walking around the Moscone Center checking out all that Macworld is going to offer this week, I’m highly aware of the fact that I am the only person in the entire building who is using a PC Notebook. (See original post here as to why I’m doing that.) As I enviously walk past all of the shiny, small notebooks with the Apple on the front of them, I feel conspicuous. I’m convinced that everyone is thinking, “what is this PC woman even doing here?!”

To answer that question, here are five good reasons that a PC user might want to be at Macworld this week. Read More

All Registered and Ready for Macworld

I’d anticipated that getting checked in to Macworld this morning would be a headache. The Expo managed to surprise me by making it a relatively easy process. Although there were some people in line who didn’t seem to know where exactly they were supposed to be, the registration and check-in… Read More

PC-to-Mac convert heads to Macworld

It’s funny the things that divide families. In my family, the PC vs. Mac debate has long been a hot topic. My kid brother is a fully committed Mac lover who regularly tells me that I shouldn’t be using a PC. Over the years, he’s dispelled many of the myths… Read More