PC-to-Mac convert heads to Macworld

It’s funny the things that divide families. In my family, the PC vs. Mac debate has long been a hot topic. My kid brother is a fully committed Mac lover who regularly tells me that I shouldn’t be using a PC. Over the years, he’s dispelled many of the myths that I held about Macs and given me a number of good reasons to make the switch. But, being his big sister, I can be pretty stubborn about the argument so I held out with the PC for a long time. The truth of the matter is that my reasons for not switching over weren’t good reasons and I’ve recently decided to stop being stubborn and start being sensible. So I’ve entered the world of Mac. And this week I’ll be entering MacWorld. I figure that full immersion is the way to go.

There were many reasons that I stayed a PC user for so long. At first, it was because I didn’t think Macs were really for writers. My brother was a filmmaker and it made sense that he used a Mac because he needed all of the extra functions, but I didn’t need it – or so I assumed. Of course, I’ve come to realize that Macs are useful for all computer users and have stopped being ignorant about the issue. Similar long-held beliefs were dispelled over the years. But the final straw that pushed me from PC to Mac was the convenient timing of something my brother said with the inconvenient release of Vista.

My final reason for holding out on the PC was that the guy who helps me with all of my computer problems knows how to fix almost any PC issue but isn’t familiar with Macs. My brother’s response to this argument was, “you don’t need tech help with Macs because they don’t break”. A week later, I found myself in a bind when my relatively-new PC decided to start burning up on me for no obvious reason. Long story short, I had to quickly buy a new computer. My stubborn self went with a cheap PC that was pre-loaded with Vista. I’ve had nothing but problems ever since and they finally pushed me over the edge. I can’t think of a good reason NOT to switch to Mac.

Being a tech blogger, I’ve already done a lot of research into the world of Mac and the news that’s released by Apple. But I’m looking forward to the Macworld Expo as a place where I can really immerse myself in a complete education about what Macs are all about right now and what I can expect to be able to do with them in the near future. When I do something, I do it all the way. I’m excited about the Expo as my introduction to completing the transition to Mac. Over the course of the next week, you can find me here reporting on the reasons that I’m being won over to Mac and the information I’m learning that is worth sharing with others who have made the switch.

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  1. My family is the same way with the PC vs. Mac debate. It’s basically me against them. They thought it was all a bad investment buying a mac as I was getting my first mac. Many years later, I notice them starting to ask more questions about mac, and now my mother is waiting to get her first mac after Apple’s announcements. She doesn’t even have a mac, yet she sees how much I enjoy my macs and often talks fondly of them to her friends and co-workers who are pondering the switch.

    Macworld Expo is the best place you can ever be for emersion for anything mac-related. It all must be very exciting to experience first-hand what it is like to be part of the “macworld” per se. 😛

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