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Basic Mac Troubleshooting

While Macs tend to be very reliable and require little maintenance things can sometimes go awry. This guide aims to provide some basic steps to resolving the more common problems we see at Mac-Forums. While this guide is by no means comprehensive, hopefully one of the methods below helps to… Read More

Wireless Networking FAQ

With more people buying notebooks and setting up home networks, we field quite a few questions related to wireless technology. The goal of this guide is to address some of the more common questions related to wireless networking to educate you in some key areas in order to keep your… Read More

Review: Logitech m555b Bluetooth Mouse

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to make a mouse that will appeal to everybody.  We all have different sized hands, like different kinds of features and put our mice through varying amounts of torture.  So although Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse does an admirable job, at one point or another most… Read More

Review: IOGEAR GCS632U 2-Port KVM Switch

What is a KVM Switch? Have you ever wished for an easy way to control 2 computers from a single keyboard/mouse/monitor?  If so, you’ll need a KVM switch.  Short for Keyboard-Video-Mouse, KVMs have long been used by technicians and ordinary users alike who need access to multiple machines from a… Read More

Is the time right for Apple to start licensing OS X?

It has always struck me as odd that Apple’s design philosophy inevitably favors form over functionality.  In some cases, that strict allegiance to form often compromises what would other be a very useful product, like the MacBook Air.  I’m sure a lot of people value the beautiful aesthetics of Apple… Read More