BlueMail is Back as an Email Alternative

Due to the enforced recent acquisition of an Indonesian Android phone about 10 days ago (November, 2022) I have had to install a bunch of apps from the Google Play Store to perform the same functions as my iPhone.

Many similar (or in some cases) identical apps were available, but I had a few issues with my email client Spark.  Maybe it’s just the phone or maybe just this version of the app.  This led me to browse the alternatives and one that jumped out was BlueMail.

I used to use iOS BlueMail way back in 2017-2018 but stopped using it around 2019 because the app was removed from the App Store.  Doing a little research I found, “The developer Blix maintains Apple removed BlueMail over a patent issue”.  It alleges Apple stole its anonymous sign-in feature for “Sign in with Apple,” then kicked it out of the App Store on flimsy pretences to suppress competition.  Apple, conversely, has said it removed the macOS app for security reasons (BlueMail app at heart of ‘sherlocking’ controversy restored to Mac App store)…I believe Dan and Ben Volach who founded Blix still have a law suit running with Apple.

BlueMail was also removed from the Google Play Store in 2019 without notice, but eventually Google claimed they believed Blix had copied another email app but provided no details of which app or in what ways Blix had copied it. Some months later it was reinstated, again, with no explanation. In this case Blix claim Google’s actions were in response to their outspoken association with a group investigating Google for misuse of user data.

Either way it appears the issue was resolved to the degree that BlueMail is now available again for macOS, iOS and iPadOS and of course Android.

All of this developer vs. software distributer/retailer sparring is of little real interest to me the consumer, except where it effects my security, privacy or hip pocket so with time on my hands I thought I would try the macOS desktop version again and boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

BlueMail is easy to read, it’s display uses a large, clear uncluttered font with customizable style and size.  Important for those of us who’s eyes are not what they used to be.

It has an intuitive UI with some interesting, unique features and settings. It claims to put security first and provides the usual blocking of tracker images as well as a rather different way of handling spam.

Syncing is managed not by subscription or user account but a nine digit numerical passcode and it worked seamlessly across platforms and devices for me. I am currently trialing it with a couple of secondary email accounts on iPad, Android phone and MBP, so far results are good.

As far as the layout/view/actions options if you liked Spark but like me, did not really need all of Spark’s team related features you will probably like this app too. If, on the other hand, you are more of a Outlook or Thunderbird fan (possibly not), but there are two layout/view options for the main page.

Obviously device compatibility is a real feature that may be a game changer for some and of course it’s free for life, except for corporate accounts.  This app is available on macOS, iPhone, iPad and iMessage as well as Android, MS Desktops and Linux, the latter being a big plus for the professional market.

BlueMail will handle multiple accounts including IMAP, Exchange and even POP3 which may be of some interest to some of our users on Mac-Forums.

A full list of features is available on BlueMail’s site; BlueMail: Your All In One Messaging Platform

** This post is intended as FYI only, I’m not affiliated in any way with this product.