All Registered and Ready for Macworld

I’d anticipated that getting checked in to Macworld this morning would be a headache. The Expo managed to surprise me by making it a relatively easy process. Although there were some people in line who didn’t seem to know where exactly they were supposed to be, the registration and check-in went quickly. The people working at the Expo seemed to know exactly what their individual jobs were and getting signed in went smoothly.

In fact, it went much more smoothly than any other event that I’ve ever attended. Kudos to MacWorld for making it easy.

Now that I’m all signed in, I’m going to go browse around the Moscone Center and see what there is to see. Today’s a light day as far as conference stuff goes but I’m looking forward to meeting some Mac users and exploring the layout of the Expo. I just have to hide this PC I’m still lugging around with me!

2 thoughts on “All Registered and Ready for Macworld

  1. I meant to bring you some spare Apple stickers to camouflage your PC. LOL Maybe we should visit the Apple store down the street from Moscone West to get you a new Macbook!

  2. What’s ridiculous is the amount of time that I have spent in the Apple store in the last year playing with the ntoebooks and gadgets and not yet buying anything! This week it’s going to happen!

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