MF Exclusive: Interview with Jeremiah Cohick

During this week I was fortunate to spend some time with one of my very good friends and one-time Apple Switch commercial star, Jeremiah Cohick. I sat down with Jeremiah after the keynote to ask him his thoughts.

B: On a scale of 1 -10, how would you rate this keynote overall?

J: I’m going to go with a 7. I’m not at all interested in movie rentals through iTunes because I have Netflix. I am not going to buy an AppleTV, there wasn’t any hardware update to it to make it better than the PS3 I already have which does what AppleTV already does and it has Blu-ray. iPhone update is great (but I still want an IM client). But the MacBook Air is pretty sweet.

I’m disappointed Apple is charging for an update that hackers made available for free to Touch users months ago.

B: Was there anything you thought would be announced in the keynote, but wasn’t there?

J: I truly thought they would announce the iPhone SDK and release it early.. An SDK would have been really more exciting than the apps that were released.

B: Do you think online movie rental is the future or will people still be attached to their DVDs?

J: Steve Jobs two years ago said that he was against subscription models because people want to own their media. I think in the whole, people want to own movies. Kids watch movies over and over or movie lovers who want to collect them. I’m not one of them, but I also don’t want to be supporting anything that has crazy DRM rules attached to it.
When I rent it from Netflix I can watch it as long as I want, wherever I want, until I feel like returning it.

B: You already mentioned you were really impressed with the MacBook Air. What do you think is most revolutionary?

J: It has a huge touchpad and it supports additional gestures which is a first for Apple on an actual computer. That may be one of the most exciting things especially given the small size. Introducting more gesture based stuff is very exciting. The flash hard drive is pretty exciting also.

B: I know you spent some time walking the floor after the keynote. Find anything exciting coming from the Mac developer community?

J: There was nothing really exciting to me on the floor. There seems to be a lot of cool things coming, but nothing actually available now.

I was very disappointed to have to stand in line just to get my badge in the mob, there wasn’t even a line. I don’t want to have to print a barcode, I don’t use paper.