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Walking around MacWorld this week, I’ve rapidly learned that the laptop bag I use to hold my computer and notebooks and all of the other junk that I tote around isn’t really very comfortable. As a result, I found myself drawn to the many booths in Moscone West that were selling laptop bags. Once I’d turned my attention to that, I found that I was also pulled towards all of the different cases and accessories for other gadgets.

Here were some of my favorite accessories finds:

Techshell Protective Laptop Covers. I’m hard on my stuff so this “scratch-free” hardshell for a laptop got my attention. They’ve currently got them for 13, 15 and 17 inch MacBooks as well as for the 12 inch Powerbook but they’re supposed to be making others soon.

Designer Laptop Sleeves. This is one of those things that’s probably totally unnecessary but is something I’d consider getting anyway. It’s another protective tool but this one is made of neoprene. It caught my eye because its full-color graphic designs are hard to ignore. I could see getting a business logo on one of these and toting it to meetings.

Case Logic iPod cases. They have other cases here, too, but the iPod Touch cases caught my eye since I’m thinking about picking one of those up this week.

OtterBox for iPod. Again, it was the cases for iPod Touch that I was eyeing. Like I said, I’m hard on my stuff, so their “Armor” and “Defender” series of protective tools sound right for me. Armor claims to be able to protect my gadget from rain, mud, and snow.

Incipio’s ECO-Case. I didn’t love all of their accessories for gadgets but I’m a big fan of green so this one appealed to me. It’s made of environmentally-kind material and is thin enough to be able to slip your iPod Touch or iPhone into it and toss it into a bigger bag.

Of everything that caught my attention, it was the booth for Urban Junket bags that I spent the most time exploring. They have laptop purses that let you carry your bag and all of your other stuff. I’m thinking that I need one of those if I’m going to comfortably walk around with my computer for days on end. And they have a “design it yourself” kit so I can say that it’s my own personal work of art.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the gear info with us! Those Techshells look pretty good. I especially like the rubberized shells, but I’m worried about it insulating my MBP and making it heat up.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the info!!

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