VEHO’s Muvi X-Lapse…thing.

Lapse It Pro Adjustments

I’m going to get the really boring and technical stuff out of the way first, so that I have room for my personal thoughts and… stuff. What is the Muvi X-Lapse? “The MUVI™ X-Lapse is the must have accessory for every film maker who wants to add something different to their movie edits. The MUVI™ X-Lapse enables a film maker to take up to 360° degree sweeping time-lapse images that when edited together create an amazing movie effect. It has both male and female standard 1/4 -20 UNC tripod screw …

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OS X Lion Server Part 01 – What Type of Server R2

File Sharing

Preamble This is a guide to OS X Lion and Mountain Lion Server. There are a few differences but they are not major. Some people will want to run a server on an older Mac, one that doesn’t qualify for Mountain Lion. You won’t be able to find Lion Server on the Apple store, but I can confirm that Apple will still sell you Lion and Lion Server if you call Apple sales. So let’s get started. OS X Server, the server for everyone. Well, nearly right because it is and …

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Review: CoolerMaster Gear

2012-08-28 19.01.13

Jas Pro – Stretch  Using a laptop flat on your desk isn’t the best for your posture, unless you have a secondary monitor. Using a stand can bring the screen up to a proper eye level. I’ve recently started using the Cooler Master’s Jas Pro for my MacBook Pro, and it makes a big difference. Made out of aluminum to match current Apple products, the stand is lined with soft rubber along the important edges that will touch your MacBook. The front tab holds the computer, and is plenty big to accommodate even an ancient …

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Back It Up Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed what files to backup and what types of backups were possible. Whether you choose to archive, backup, or clone data, if you haven’t started a backup regimen, you’ll want to start one. This isn’t a review of the backup programs available for Macs. Instead, we’ll learn from mistakes I’ve made backing up data. Hopefully, you will avoid similar mistakes. Cloning Issues As you can see from the reviews, there are various options available for cloning your Mac. In fact, you can use recent versions of Disk …

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IMAP Email and Notifications: How-To


Introduction In this article we’ll look at how you can use Mountain Lion’s notification system to notify you of unread emails for any IMAP account. More specifically, we’ll look at how you can leverage Python and cron to check any email account at a specified interval, notifying you of any unread emails. Target I’m not one to limit the audience for an article since of the main purposes of this blog is to encourage you to try new things. However, this article might be better suited to those who are comfortable with the command …

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OS X Mountain Lion: The Mac-Forums Guide


Contents Preamble Upgrading through the Up-to-Date Program Prepping for the Upgrade How to Create Your Own OS X Mountain Lion Install DVD or USB Drive Good News, There’s an App That Will do it For You Do it Yourself Step by Step Create a Bootable USB Installer Create a bootable DVD Using the USB drive or DVD Upgrade/Install Process Itself Post-Install/Finishing Touches Conclusion Preamble Welcome to OS X 10.8, the ninth iteration in Apple’s OS X operating system line. Codenamed “Mountain Lion”, OS X 10.8 continues the convergence of OS …

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While the MF ML Guide is Under Construction…

As we continue our work on the official Mac-Forums Mountain Lion guide, we provide the following set of links to get you started while you wait. Did you recently buy a new Mac? You many qualify for a free copy of ML. You can find more info about it here. Can you Mac handle Mountain Lion? Make sure it can by checking the system requirements here. Not sure you want to upgrade? Here’s Engadget’s comprehensive review. If that’s not comprehensive enough, the Ars Technica review will certainly be. Feel like creating …

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OSX Lion Server Part 02 – Getting the Network Right


Here we’ll cover all the network configuration details that you’ll need to have in place to make sure the installation goes smoother later on. Whether your going for a local server or a full-on public server with its own domain name, it’s important to understand how the server communicates with your devices both inside your home or business and outside in the big wide world. IP addresses – the network of numbers You may know this stuff already, but I’ll briefly cover this subject anyhow, just in case the whole area of …

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Back It Up Part 1

No matter how reliable your Mac has been, you need a plan for backing up your data. At some point a hard drive will fail, you’ll delete an important file or just do something stupid as I did recently. When that happens you’ll be glad you had a backup. Lets look at some of the things you need to consider in developing an effective backup strategy. In the second part of the series we’ll look at some of the tools available for backing up your Mac. Archive, Backup, or Clone …

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Putting Your Apps on a Diet

The fat man's diet has been a success!

Given that hard drive size is rarely a concern anymore, developers seem to make an assumption that space is no longer a issue. Despite this, a common complaint in forum posts is a lack of hard drive space. Although the following tip won’t solve all space issues, it can be a valuable part of the process of conserving and freeing up space if needed. Application Structure Applications for OS X are commonly distributed as application bundles which, to be fairly blunt, are little more than glorified folders containing the application binary and required …

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