Super Sensory Overload

I spent several hours this morning wandering around the exhibits at Moscone West. The best description that comes to mind is “sensory overload”. There are so many sounds and sights, things to play with and people to talk to. I’ve just been going from booth to booth, trying to take everything in.

The Digital Photography stuff has captured most of my attention. There’s an exhibit of glamorous portrait photos when you first walk into the West Hall that immediately caught my eye. The bulk of my morning was spent wandering in the area around this checking out the different photo things that you can do if you know what you’re doing. The options range from simple services like getting your own photos made into useable postage stamps to more complex design applications that you can use on your computer. I’m still trying to get my mind around most of what I learned today as far as taking and manipulating pictures goes. And I’m starting to think I’d benefit from a more in-depth description at one of the presentations happening tomorrow or Thursday.

The rest of my morning was spent in the games section of MacWorld’s exhibits. I messed around with a few different games (Neon Tango, Sims) but spent most of my time learning about EVE Online. It’s a complex multi-player virtual SciFi world. I was under the impression that there aren’t too many MMOGs for Macs (World of Warcraft was the only one I really knew). Asking around a bit, I found that there are some but that EVE Online is, according to the people promoting it anyway, significantly more involved than any of the others that are currently available. I played for awhile but can’t say that I really grasped it too well. I suppose that’s a good excuse to spend some more time over in that area of the Expo!

For now, though, I think I need to go grab a late lunch. There is just too much information and activity going on here to keep running on empty. If lunch doesn’t refresh me, perhaps I’ll try napping in one of the MetroNaps machines that everyone’s taking pictures of at the front of the exhibit hall. They look a bit space-agey but I imagine they’re relaxing!

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