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My second day on the show floor

I thought I’d share a couple more interesting products and booths that I came across today.

We’ve all been in a situation where our iPod has run out of juice, leaving us tuneless and video-less at the worst of times. Which is why I think the iZAP R08-IV for iPod Video is a great product. The literature claims that it can give your iPod up to 10 hours of video playback and a whopping 36 hours of audio. But the guy in the booth told me he thinks the 36 hour estimate is “soft”! ZAP!, whose name stands for “zero air pollution,” also makes the Recharge-It-All Universal Battery, which has connectors for every mobile device you can imagine. Plus there are actually four rechargeable AA lithium-ion batteries inside that you can take out and use in your digital camera. It’s convenient and it can help you be more environmentally friendly!

IntelliScanner won a Best of Show award at last year’s Macworld Expo for their IntelliScanner mini, which is a miniature barcode scanner that lets you scan all your books, music, and movies and manage your collections in their proprietary software. This year they’ve come out with the professional-grade IntelliScanner SOHO for managing inventories and other bigger cataloging jobs. The software has an interface similar to iTunes, and it even lets you create the equivalent of iTunes playlists so you can organize your audio, video, and book libraries by genre. Before you say “You’ve got to be a serious neat-freak to want one of those,” consider this: The software also has a function that lets you track who you are lending a book, DVD, or CD to simply by scanning it in! My friends would probably think I’ve finally lost it if I started checking out my books to them, but I’ve lost so many from “lending” them to friends that I really don’t care at this point.

I wrote about the Modbook yesterday, but I didn’t get any pictures. I happened to cruise by today and got a couple of great pictures of one of their demo guys drawing a bluejay on the Modbook, so I thought I’d share them.

Here’s another photo of a guy trying out a Belkin n52te gaming device for drawing. The results? It still needs some “fine-tuning.”

Also, Axiotron came up with a great promotion for their booth that I wanted to mention. You could enter to win a free Modbook by getting a card from the front of their booth. The catch was that you had to have your card checked off by at least four of the many partners they had demoing their products on the Modbook, which included Corel, Circus Ponies, Adobe, and a handful more. Pretty neat idea, huh?

(I did not win the free Modbook.)

It’s got to be hard to differentiate yourself from all the other booths, but I submit that the shirts at the Hoodman booth are just… well, you can decide for yourself what they are.

That’s just a small taste of what I saw today. Look for plenty more coverage of Macworld booths coming your way!