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MacWorld Best-of-Show

This year was the first year that the MacWorld Expo featured a presentation of their “Best of Show” awards with live on-stage demonstrations of the products that were selected as outstanding by their team of Mac experts. Unfortunately, with all of the running around that I was doing from presentation to show floor and back again, I didn’t get a chance to make it to the presentation. I did, however, make sure to read up on what other people said took place there. The best summary of all of the awards is, of course, over at MacWorld.

Looking over the list, I’m not at all surprised to see two of the items with which I’m most familiar: the MacBook Air and the Eye-Fi card. There’s been a lot of talk about the MacBook Air all week and despite that it’s got some flaws, I can say from carrying around a heavy laptop all week that it also looks to have some benefits. As for the Eye-Fi card, I’ve read tons about this in the last couple of months. It’s a simple tool which takes the middleman out of your digital photo uploads (adding them wirelessly to your Mac); simple but anything that we can do to save time on a regular basis is something that sounds good to me.

As for things that I wasn’t familiar with before reading the list, the two that grab my attention are BusySync and Flow. I think that the reason I’m focusing on those is because the presentations that I attended yesterday were really all about enhancing the efficiency of working in groups. BusySync is a tool which improves iCal group scheduling so that it’s easier to make plans with co-workers. And Flow helps to organize all of the files associated with one project which sounds like it would be a great tool for working back-and-forth on project version changes with a team.

There are a lot of interesting things on the Best-of-Show list. Makes me wish I’d managed to make it over to that feature presentation yesterday! Maybe I’ll get a chance to check out the one happening this afternoon – a trivia game show for the MacWorld community.