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I've been an Apple devotee, for better or worse since the Apple IIe/c and Mac user since the LC II. I've been helped many times over the years by other Mac fans so I thought it was tinge I return the favor. When I'm not on my Mac or iPad you'll find me enjoying music (especially blues) or American football.

Back It Up Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed what files to backup and what types of backups were possible. Whether you choose to archive, backup, or clone data, if you haven’t started a backup regimen, you’ll want to start one. This isn’t a review of the backup programs available for Macs. Instead, we’ll… Read More

Back It Up Part 1

No matter how reliable your Mac has been, you need a plan for backing up your data. At some point a hard drive will fail, you’ll delete an important file or just do something stupid as I did recently. When that happens you’ll be glad you had a backup. Lets… Read More

More Spotlight Tips

Stretch’s introduction to Spotlight demonstrated why so many people find Spotlight useful. I’ve used it for some basic searches but always felt I wasn’t using it to its fullest potential. A few quick Internet searches led to some interesting tips that should make Spotlight more effective. Since Spotlight is the… Read More