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First small computer was a 4-bit home-brew set up in the 1970's. Built several machines before I got my first Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1. Started with Apple products in 2009 with an iMac to replace a PC, never looked back. I am retired from being consultant in information systems strategy and planning for both companies and governments.

Do You Have A Backup – #4: A Small Interlude

Originally, this topic was going to be the final one in the series, but after some contemplation, I think it needs to be addressed sooner. There are some major changes in macOS and in the hardware that seem to be making big changes in the backup/restore processes and options. Basically,… Read More

Do You Have A Backup? – #3: Where to backup

Now that you are aware of the kinds of backup and what to backup, the next question is where to put the backup. Let me say this first: Backups should be external to the Mac. A backup that is internal to the Mac, even if it is on a second drive… Read More

Do You Have a Backup – #2: What do I back up?

In the previous blog post on backups, we talked about the kinds of backups that might be used, including simply copying important files to somewhere, using backup software to copy both files and configuration settings, and making a full backup of everything on the internal drive that might even be… Read More

Do you Have a Backup? – #1: Definitions

Probably most of us have read where someone else has had a drive or machine fail and the first question asked was, “Do you have a backup?” So, we know that backups are important, but what, exactly, is a backup and is it one-size-fits-all with only one solution? Do I… Read More