Weekly Roundup: April 1 – 7


Here’s the weekly roundup of the more popular discussions around Mac-Forums for the week of April 1st. Blog Posts Clamshell Mode Performance Issues: A Myth? In this article, vansmith explores the myth that clamshell mode might hinder performance, only to discover that this likely isn’t the case. Forum Discussions Member of the Month: April 2013 This week, we concluded the voting for the April 2013 member of the month. This month’s winner, mrplow, is a two time winner. As always, we congratulate and thank him and all the other nominees …

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Is the time right for Apple to start licensing OS X?

It has always struck me as odd that Apple’s design philosophy inevitably favors form over functionality.  In some cases, that strict allegiance to form often compromises what would other be a very useful product, like the MacBook Air.  I’m sure a lot of people value the beautiful aesthetics of Apple machines above all else, but I’m not one of them – and I’m not alone.  As much as I like the looks of my MacBook Pro, the few extra seams it would take to make the hard drive readily accessible …

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Aaaaand, we’re back

After a hiatus, I’m excited to announce the return of the Mac-Forums blog! While initially the blog was developed for Macworld Expo reporting, our return brings a much wider array of future topics.  Just some of the things we hope to write about here: Tips and how-tos Product reviews General commentary on Apple ecosystem We won’t be blogging straight out Apple news, there are already many great sites that do that, but we hope to bring you a little Mac-Forums insight into the world of Apple and its products. We …

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