Only a Few Hours Left

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With only about four hours left to see all that there is to see here at MacWorld, everyone’s running around trying to make it to the things that they’ve missed out on so far. From what I’m hearing as I’ve spoken with people this morning, everyone’s seen all of the things that they were especially interested in seeing. However, they’ve also all heard about tons of stuff that wasn’t at the top of their priority list which they want to check out before the Expo closes up shop.

A few of the things that people have said they want to do today:

– Play games. Apparently not everyone has been over at the MacGames Paviliion wasting all of their time like I was. Several people I talked with this morning said they wanted to make it over there to test out some of the games that they’ve been hearing about all week.

– Get signed up with EFF. One person mentioned that she hadn’t become a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation yet so she was going to stop by the booth in West Hall and get some more information. They’re giving away T-shirts if you donate a certain amount of money and they’ve also got free literature on things like blogger’s copyrights.

– Take a stroll along Mac Developer Blvd. Also over in West Hall is this area which one guy said he’d seen passing through but hadn’t spent any time in yet. He’s hoping to get over there today and get some new information on some mobile technology stuff that he had questions about.

It sounds like almost everyone spent a good chunk of time in South Hall this week and wants to get over to West Hall today to see the exhibits that they missed out on there. I’m on the opposite side of that spectrum. Having spent most of the week in West Hall, I’m going to check out South Hall to see what I’ve missed over there.

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