First-night parties and late-night campers; plus, help wanted

I checked out the Ars Technica/Gizmodo pre-Keynote party this evening. They were giving away the last raffle prize just as me and my girlfriend got to the front of the line to get in. We also missed the free food and booze, which is probably why that long line behind us was completely gone when we left 30 minutes later.

One good thing about the trip down to Harlot, where the party was happenin’, was that we got to see the campers waiting outside the Moscone center on our drive back. About 20 people as of 9:30 p.m. While I was at the Moscone center earlier today, a Macworld rep told me that they were expecting campers, and that I should show up by at least 6:00 a.m. tomorrow if I want a seat at the Keynote. She wasn’t kidding, apparently.

The Keynote is an obvious highlight. I’ll be lining up plenty early tomorrow morning, I assure you of that. But the real reason I’m writing this post is I need help. I am way stoked about the Users Conference. In fact, there are so many good sessions going on that I’m having serious trouble deciding which ones to attend. The Users Conference doesn’t start until Wednesday, which gives you all day tomorrow to help me.

There are three specific time slots that I can’t decide on, so I thought I’d take it to the blog. Which would you rather see covered?

Trouble Time Spot 1:

Real World Mac Troubleshooting
The Art and Craft of Digital Photography
All in a Designer’s Day’s Work: Working Across the Spectrum of Your Mac

Trouble Time Spot 2:

Running Your Mac Lean, Clean, and Mean
The Designer’s Role in Sustainable Practice
Collaborative Editing Tools and Techniques
Five Shooting Techniques to make Your Pictures Look Better than Everyone Else’s

Trouble Time Spot 3:

Best of Leopard OS X Hints
Power Users Guide to Smooth Leopard Installation

In case you’re wondering, these are the sessions I can’t wait to check out, which I’ll no doubt be reporting on later this week:

Flickr in a Mac World
Macs and the Media: Behind the Scenes at The Washington Post
iPod: Fully Loaded