iCook for IBM 750FX processor based iBooks

Jul 21, 2003
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hype.it said:
Software Over-Clocking utility for iBook's.

Requirements: IBM 750FX processor



I saw this recently, and I was definitely intrigued by it. I've done some reading-up on it, and the only thing that's a bit unfortunate is the fact that the chages are reset once the computer is shut down and restarted. Not a huge deal, since I rarely shutdown my iBook, but I'd like it more if the changes held. It's also interesting that OS X apparently won't recognize the upped speed (System Information still displays 900 MHz, for example, even when OC'd to 1 GHz). When I OC'd my Power Macintosh G3 AIO from 233 MHz to 300 MHz, System Information indicated the change. Of course, those changes were made physically with the jumpers, while iCook is obviously software-based. I still think I'll at least give iCook a try though. :)

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