Help with an older Macbook?

Nov 1, 2014
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Hey tech wizards, I'm not very savvy when it comes to my macbook so please be gentle if my questions seem basic.

I have a MacBook (13-inch, Aluminium, Late 2008) 13.3"/D2.4G/2x1GB/250/SD-DL from what my serial number tells me.

Anyway, so this is obviously an older Macbook now but still going strong overall.

-One of the main problems in the computer slowing right down to an almost stop if more than one programme is open at a time which people have said the RAM needs updating? Is this possible or would I need a new Macbook?

-Also I think I'm currently running 10.6.8 (snow leopard?) and many programmes can't update because I need the new OS? Does this need to be upgraded would my macbook cope with it?

-Finally i'm not sure what the **** is wrong with iphoto? Is there a simple way to not use it. My darling iphone seems to hate talking to simple folders which I would like create and drop the photos in and then use an external hard drive to store on?


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Jan 23, 2008
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Keller, Texas
Your Mac's Specs
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Your MacBook can accept up to 8 GB of memory according to Mactracker and other Mac sites even though Apple specifies 4 GB. More memory will certainly help and possibly a newer and faster hard drive or even a SSD will add speed and life to your MacBook. And, I would not update your version of OS X from Snow Leopard even though you can.

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