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FS: 12" iBook G3 700, 384, 20, Combo



I got this ibook recently, but I couldn't handle the tiny screen so I got a 15" Powerbook. Specs are as follows:

G3 700Mhz
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
20GB Hard Drive
12.1" Screen

It's currently at Apple getting its logic board replaced (the boards are on backorder). It will be ready to sell as soon as I get it back (any day now, they've had it over a week).

It has the original System CDs with Jaguar. I can preinstall the original software or Panther and MS Office v.X (you are responsible for the licenses for these programs). Or I can send it with Panther half-installed (the screen crapped out during installation), or however it comes to me after Apple finishes with it.

I have the original boxes and cables. The battery holds a good charge.

I'll also send a custom fit carrying case.

I'm asking $700. For an extra $50 I'll include an installed AirPort card. These prices are based on what similiar units have been going for on ebay.

I'll give it a few days here or until I get it back from Apple, whichever is later, before I put it on ebay.

Post a reply or send me an email (I think I enabled that feature). Thanks for looking!


PS I can take money orders, Paypal (free if it's from your checking account, or I'll pass the fee along to you if it's from a credit card), or cold hard cash if you happen to meet me in person.

PPS Shipping will be $22. I just shipped out my PC laptop via insured UPS and this is what is cost.

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