can't get writeable access to an external HD...

Jun 11, 2012
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I have a typical WD external hard drive... it was writeable before, but now, because I had been using it for backup on a windows machine, it's read-only... but I won't be using it for the backup on that windows machine anymore, so need to make it writeable again.. have not found a way to do this on my mac...

so it occurred to me I had to connect it again to the windows machine where I had been doing the backup to make it writeable again.. and indeed on that machine I was able to remove the contents np, and save a file to it (& rename the HD..) but when I connected it to my mac again I was again denied write-access.. it remains read-only on my mac... how do I make it writeable on my mac, please (I'm on 10.6.8..)
(do I maybe need to do it in unix? what would be the command(s)? I can't find a way to format it on the mac.. (on windows you right-click on it and one option is "format", I see no such option on the mac when I right-click on it..)

thank you...


Glad you sorted it, but as a further help, if the drive was formatted NTFS (for Windows) then it will be read-only to OS X unless you get a third party NTFS driver for it. ParagonNTFS is the one that is recommended most often here.

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