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Advise about selling PowerMac G5



Hello everyone! I need advise about selling my Dual G5.
Last February I bought a dual 1.8 G5, $2,499.00
512 MB extra memory total of 1GB $250.00
iSight $149.00
Apple proteccion plan effective through Feb 12 2007 $249.00
Final Cut Express 2.0 $299.00
Apple works 6.2.7 $79.00

Grand Total......................................................... $3,525.00
The machine is in perfect conditions no problems at all. The reason I am selling it, is because this was my first Mac and to be honest I am not thrilled, sorry guys I like better Windows (call me masochist, dumb,etc. etc...) I am aware that if I sell it I won't recover what I spent. How much would be a fair price? and where would be the best place to offer it?
Dec 28, 2003
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Long Island, NY
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15" MacBook Pro & 23" ACD
Wow....This is like VERY weird....I've never seen someone go back to...."there".....

Creepy....Care to tell us what you didn't like about it?


dude leo...don't waste your time here..not saying mac-forums sucks, but waiting 7 days on ebay will a) get you a lot more money and b) a lot more hits...just some advice, good luck man, and im sorry you have to...deswitch


Thanks for the tip

I am going to start looking on ebay. Let's see how much I can get.

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