Youtube Upload Problems

Feb 10, 2010
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Hey So im new on here so i dont know if this is in the right place or not but i need help. My Macbook (2008 aluminum) Wont let em upload videos to Youtube. I have Snow Leopard if that helps but even with leopard it wouldnt let me

Everytime i try to upload a video in Safari,Opera,Chrome,Firefox it lets me choose the video i want to uplaod but as soon as i chose the video the browser freezes and I have to force quit... sometimes it just plain out crashes the browser

I have tried in Quicktime 10 and iMovie 08/09 in Quicktime it says Publishing 5 seconds remaining or i get a timed out error and in iMovie it starts to upload then the time remaining keeps getting higher and higher then it gives me a timed out error

any help would be appreciated

Edit- The videos are normally always under 50mb sometimes around 80mb and way less than 10 mins normally mp4,flv,MOV,m4v

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