Yellow Dog Linux Opinion


anarkhy 17

For the past few months I have been dual booting Mac OS X and Yellow Dog Linux. While i though Terra Soft did a great job porting Red Hat 9.0 to the Mac, i found it pointless to have linux for the mac :confused: when you have a great OS that is running off of the same base kernel that Linux uses, i just don't see the point.... what i am trying to say is what made terra soft want to port Linux to the Mac??? :eek: don't get me wrong because i think YDL is an exceptional Distro. :)


Most likeley becaues mac os9 and earlier didn't support opensource *nix software (which is quite handy when native apps don't fit the bill), and also because mac on liux lets your run os X through yellow dog at 99.8% of native speed so its like the best of both worlds I guess. And there are those of us who believe information should be free, and who are staunchly against any proprietary software, however great it might be.

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