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Yahoo/OS 9 Rant

Mar 11, 2004
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Useless Yahoo/OS 9 Rant

Today, for the first time, Yahoo email refuses to acknowledge that cookies are turned on in my OS 9 WaMCom Mozilla 1.3.1 browser. So I can't sign in. But it acknowledges that they are turned on in iCab 3.0.3 for OS 9.

The march of time is bad enough (I can't even buy a Terraplane!) but what really rankles is Yahoo's isolationist We're Perfect mindset. There is no way to inform it that it's likely a simple coding error, as is Yahoo's insistance that I live in the U.K. (a previous post). I suspect it's a simple error because cookies still work with iCab.

Yahoo's so-called Help consists of nothing but canned answers. It hates the great unwashed, except for the data it collects on everyone, and uses and keeps until the sun goes nova.

I know the cookie setting works because I'm posting this from OS 9 and Mozilla (albeit after jumping through a couple of JavaScript hoops).

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