yah i need help

Sep 23, 2008
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okay well I'm sort of a newbie but don't hate..

I have a Macbook os x leopard and it was once clean... until I decided to download random GOBBLEDY-GOOK

It all started when I got it for christmas.. Personally i believe this computer is one of a kind and is very unique compared to ordinary computers. It took me awhile to understand and explore its features, and I'm still learning more about it. But not for long. I started using it for music, movies and what not and now I'm in a pickle of WARM FANCY BROWN MUSTARD. This computer is sweet and now all the memory is used. I wish i hadn't downloaded anything since i first got it. Plus i was considering getting photoshop cs2 extended but i doubt it now since i won't have any room for it.

Please be considerate and tell me what i should do to EMPTY MY SYSTEM ... I want to get rid of everything that has been put on it since i got it.

Please HELP !!!!!!! thanks so much :\
Jan 12, 2008
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Leicester, England
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MacBook, iPod Classic, 8GB 3G iPhone, Time Capsule
a) get rid of pictures, music, movies and applications you no longer need or use.
b) buy an external hard drive and move some stuff onto it.
c) replace the hard drive in the macbook with a bigger one.
d) if you really want to get rid of everything then erase the drive and reinstall the OS.

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