XP connect to OS X weirdness



Ok. Connecting to your home directory from XP. Easy, right?
Then what the heck am I doing wrong suddenly? I've done this before, but it no longer works. Perhaps there is a subtle voodoo trick that I have screwed up?

Check it out:

XP Home connected to Airport via Ethernet (
** tries to connect to **
OS X 10.3b (but same thing happened on 10.2) Powerbook connected to Airport via, well, Airport. (TITAN at

Windows File sharing is ON.
FTP is ON.

I have also changed my login password on X (to create the PC hash file, right), logged out and back in again under the new pass. I've restarted my PC.

My short name on my Mac is "karl" and my username on my PC is "karl". Both have empty passwords. (I'm at home) I've also tried it with identical full passwords.

I can PING my Mac from my PC. I can FTP via the command-line to my Mac...

But I cannot FTP via the browser to my Mac. i.e.

I can find my Mac under Workgroup (actually, suddenly now I cannot), but when I try to log into it:

login: TITAN\karl
pass: •

It won't log me in. It refuses everything i type into it.

And XP is fine. I don't have any viruses, spyware, or anything that's goofing with my network connection (that I'm aware of).

I can connect to my PC from the Mac just perfectly. Why does this network DEFY ME?!

Yeah, now for some reason my Mac doesn't show up under Workgroup either. Hmm. I know it's going to be difficult to separate pre-release Panther goofiness from Jaguar goofiness, but I've had this SAME problem for months now. It is driving me insane.

Help. Anyone. Seriously.


Your not the only one with this issue... i have had the problem in the past but found a work around... now of course i don't remember what the work around is... fitting. Anyways, there is a solution with playing around with the user name.

ever figure it out?

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