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WTTF: ibook or powerbook

Mar 27, 2004
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Your Mac's Specs
Dual 2.2GHz powered by AMD Opteron - *Sends G5 & 8Gb Ram to scrap heap* Yeah! finally switched BACK!
if you ask a Mac user which? Then, they will tell you get a PowerBook. But the bottom line is... which do you prefer and desire. If your doing things that can be don't on both systems and you want a stable system to secure your data, then i'd go for a Mac. But Mac isn't to everyone's taste.

If it's a choice between iBook and PowerBook. It really depends on your budget and work load. For school, college and internet use. A iBook is more then enough. But if your gonna be doing more, then I'd spend a little extra and choose a Powerbook. Especially if your planning to work in Photoshop, play with DV's and do some real work.

Hey, I'm just being honest here.

Good Luck.


Yeah, Wheatmaster, I gotta tell ya, but you actually already have a very good computer. Windows XP Home is the second-highest Windows operating system (XP Professional being a BIT better, but not much). Plus, you've already got a laptop, so why get another? Now, as for the size of your hard drive, that actually is a bit small (although still a bit bigger than mine, which is 30 GB). But, increasing the hard drive of the one you have now is a lot cheaper than getting a whole new computer. And the built-in RAM? 256 MB is a fair amount, and it should get the job done, when combined with a 2.4 GHz Celeron processor (although Intel processors can go as high as 3.4 GHz, I believe, and their Pentium 4 model does tend to be better than the Celeron model, from what I've heard). Still, your processor is quite fast, and if you buy a Powerbook or iBook, no matter which one, it will almost certainly be slower than the computer you have now, which is a minus. Also, unless you get a Powerbook with a Superdrive, you won't be able to write to DVDs anymore! That may be one more reason to lean toward a Powerbook if you're totally positive you want a new computer.
Look, Macs are great, but you've already got a very good computer, and unless you want to do video editing (since Final Cut Pro High Definition is the best video-editing software, but it's only available for Mac OS X), you might want to keep what you have for now. You don't know what you might miss afterwards. AND, if you REALLY want a Mac, don't get rid of this Compaq Presario. It really can be useful to have a PC around.


If i have an iBook (14 inch, 60 gb hd/768RAM) is it possible to run photoshop and/or Flash and Dreamweaver MX? because i make websites, and do some small time graphics...I do all my major stuff like modeling and intense photoshop and flash and dreamweaver and stuff on my awesome PC, but i was just wondering if i could do some small time stuff on an iBook?

I just wanted to know b4 i decide to buy an iBook over a powerbook...(im short on cash... )

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