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WTB: Clamshell iBook

Dec 21, 2004
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New Hampshire
Your Mac's Specs
ibook 14" 1.42GHz 512MB Ram
Looking for a Clamshell iBook, not very pricy, doesnt need to be anything speacial. I'm 15 and i need a nice little laptop to do school stuff on. I don't have alot of money unfortunately so im looking for something for about 100-150 dollars US.
Some specs i would like if at all possible

6gb Hdd or better
400mhz or better
128mb ram or better
Completely working
The only must is that it is completely working right out of the box and that the battery will hold a 2 hour charge or better, other than that anything else pretty much goes.


I think that might be a hard find. Basic clamshell's are still bringing $300 plus dollars on EBAY. The specs you listed are far from basic! Good luck in you search!! The clamshell's just keep ticking. My dad works for Apple, and has heard stories of kids dropping them from second story windows and they still work!!!