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WSYWYG HTML editor for Mac?

Dec 23, 2019
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I just bought a new Mac with Catalina. Wow! SO many long-time favorite apps no longer work because of the 64 bit upgrade. So I have to find replacements for a lot of apps.

The current one is the open-source WSYWYG HTML editor Kompozer, which no longer seems to be updated for Mac. I know there are Web editors for Mac like RapidWeaver, but these create websites from scratch, while I am looking for an HTML editor that can work with existing sites. I have a site that I would rather just let die than re-create it all from scratch.

I thought HTML was supposed to be a universal format, so there should be an app for the Mac that does what I want. It doesn't have to be open-source.
Feb 1, 2011
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Sacramento, California
I thought HTML was supposed to be a universal format, so there should be an app for the Mac that does what I want.
This awesome Web site creation program is free (some extended features are only available if you pay for them, but they are extremely specialized), WYSIWYG (but there is a built-in text editor if you choose to work with the raw HTML, and it helps you by allowing you to add HTML commands with one click), easy to use (if you know how to use a word processor you will take to this program quickly), and full featured. It's great for beginners and experienced Web designers alike.

BlueGriffon (free)

BlueGriffon is an open source project. There are three versions, and the basic version is free. Unlike commercial software, the free version isn't a demo, it is a full featured product. The two commercial step up versions add very specialized features strictly for professionals, such as the ability to create EPUB's.

All that you have to do is go to the BlueGriffon Web site and click on "Download" to get the entirely free product. Or you can download it directly from:

Free video tutorial series:
(The tutorial does not use the Mac version of the program, but the program is virtually identical across platforms.)
Other free BlueGriffon tutorials:

BlueGriffon's user manual is commercial (not free), but it's not necessary if you view the above tutorial(s).

Now, here's the best thing about BlueGriffon...it can do something that very few other WYSIWYG Web site creation programs can do...it can import existing Web sites in HTML format. Why is that important? Because if you have previously been using a program that is basically a page layout program with an HTML converter on top of it you can only export your existing Web site in either a proprietary format that nothing else can open, or you can export your Web site in HTML format. So, using BlueGriffon you can migrate from any other Web site creation program.

Even better, you can suck down the raw HTML from any existing site on the Web using something like SiteSucker, and use it as a template/starting point for your project. Basically this means that you have access to an unlimited number of free templates!

Some tips for using BlueGriffon:

1. When you first open it, the interface will look terrible. Don't get discouraged. Do this:
BlueGriffon menu --> Preferences --> General tab --> Theme -> enable "Light"
The interface will now look world's better!

2. The sidebar in the program isn't active by default. In the Panels menu choose Style Properties, and you should instantly get a sense of the value of the sidebar.


More free software that will work under Catalina:

Free Or Low Cost Macintosh Software