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word game

Dec 30, 2002
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Sunny So Cal
Your Mac's Specs
this game is played on many forums and in real life:

Here's the rules:

We start with a word. You can CHANGE, ADD,or REMOVE ONE, and only ONE letter to make a different word. You CANNOT repeat words that have already been posted. You CAN use plurals. You CANNOT use acronyms. You cannot use proper nouns (Mike, Ted, Bill) unless it is also a "regular" word... and you cannot double go... If the word is TEST, you cannot change it to BEST and then immediately change it to BUST. You have to wait for someone else to go in there... atleast give a day or so...

the word we'll start with is:




{other options include: moter, noter, poter, roter, scoter, voter; tote, totes, tater, totem, tooter, totter}

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