Wisdom needed: iphone 3G sync issue not discussed in other threads

Oct 19, 2011
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In advance MANY thanks to anyone who can figure this out.

My wife's 2G died and I bought a jail broken 3G from a friend. I just deleted his data and then tried to sync the 3G to her Powerbook G4 running 10.6.8.

Itunes 10.5 sees the phone and lets me explore all the options of what to sync. (i'm not a newbie at this BTW)
However, when you hit apply/sync it runs through processes 1(backup) 2(sync contacts/calendar) and the #3(sync music and apps) never occurs and the sync finishes.
It gives no error codes - simply does not sync the music or apps.

To see if it was an issue with the phone or Itunes I tried syncing to my other Macbook pro and the phone sync music and apps just fine from my account.

So I have narrowed the issue to my wife's Powerbook and Itunes. I've read through the forums and undertaken the following:

(1) Removed all trace of Itunes following the process on this forum - I only left the library files.
(2) I got rid of itunes helper files and stopped the process of Itunes helper loading at startup.
(3) Reinstalled Itunes which came back looking exactly as it did before I removed it (this may point to the removal not working) and tried to sync again - The issue remained.

Any further ideas before I condem my Wife's Power Book?

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