Wireless has just... stopped working.

Jan 4, 2010
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MBP 15"matt, 2.8GHz, 500GB, 4GB RAM
About 5pm tonight the wireless on my 2009 (sept) Macbook pro unibody stopped working, and refused to find any networks in the area (nor any of the 6+ wireless networks on the street).

It connects via the ethernet cable directly into the router, which has now been updated to the firmware needed to stop the router dropping. Would the NA only 'issue' be a problem? The UK site links to the NA link, but the text on the router set up says it could be illegal/cause issues..? It has worked for 2.5 days since the upgrade wthout any problems so I doubt it!

Either way, the 2+ other laptops/devices connect to the internet wirelessly.

The airport utility does show in system preferences, and I've removed it, and then added it back to see if that helped. As said, all other computers (pc) are working, and mac works on the ethernet cable too.

On the mac, the airport is moving between not finding any networks at all, and seeing them but not connecting, then cutting out.

I have also tried it with 2 other (stupidly) unprotected wireless networks on the street, but they do connect, showing full levels of wirelessness, but then don't connect to anything......

Also as said, I upgraded the firmware on our router 2 days ago, but my mac has had no problems since then... It had been working properly all morning.. then around 5 it just..stopped.


Any ideas?



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