Wired: Sony should skip iPod clone, build PVP

Jun 11, 2003
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Wired: Sony should skip iPod clone, build PVP
October 11, 2003 - 12:18 EDT Wired's Peter Rojas thinks Sony should skip trying to create a device to compete with the iPod, and should instead focus on building a personal video player (PVP) before Apple introduces a video iPod. "There probably isn't a whole lot the electronics giant can do now to unseat the iPod, but Sony does have a chance to leapfrog competitors in the next wave of entertainment gadgets: personal video players... Anyway, if Sony is smart, rather than try to fight last year's war, its marketers will look ahead and see that now's the company's chance to steal the thunder back from Apple... Besides, Sony might not have much choice but to introduce a PVP, lest Apple come to dominate another market that would have been a natural fit."

My Comments: No I want Apple to grab that market before anyone else does! And then other people can create competition so that our mac products will become even better! :)

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