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Jan 16, 2004
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New Jersey USA
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G5 DP 1.8 160 Super Drive 17 " Display
I don't have a Mac. I am an XP user. I have recently started to be interested in Video editing. I would like to know if there are any ex- window users who are now video editing with their Mac and what differences do they see.
Software compatability, freeze ups etc.

I just happened to be by an Apple store the other day and took a look at the G5. Very nice machine.

I appreciate the comments


Depends which mac you'd be thinking of upgrading to..

Obviously the G5 will eat absolutely anything windows based.

Im ex windows (not long switched and still use windows @ work), I dont do anything with video but I do a lot of image work and design so i bought an ibook for on the move, and ive got to say its great for what i use it for, i find that photoshop/illustrator/painter etc run much much more smoothly than on my top of the line PC (which ive just sold to finance the ibook heh).

Overall OS X is a much much nicer OS to work with than XP, i never thought id say that but its true!

But as i say, it depends which model your lookin to compare in particular.

Im sure all the guys on here will give you plenty of feedback, theyve helped me loads over the last couple of weeks ;)


i have a friend who does a lot - a LOT - of video editing on his G4 tower, and it looks like it's a lot of fun. :)


Video editing, compositing, graphic design, etc.. that's all I do.

I was using a PC, and sure you can build a pc which could rival a dual G5, you'd spend a good bit, and possibly spend a little less overall, but at least in my opinion, you can't really beat the mac setup. You crash once in a blue moon, firewire connections are faster, as pc's really weren't technically made for firewire capture, when it first came out, so they are somewhat behind in that respect..

the amount of software you might be running at once and how the mac handles resources aren't even able to be compared back and forth.

On a pc, sure you could run vegas video or premiere pro, and a few other apps, but eventually the system is going lose resources perhaps have a memory dump etc. I mean honestly its inevitable. I normally run 10 or so apps at once on the mac flawlessly. I can go from rendering in Final Cut Pro, which basically is a huge reason to go mac b/c of how great the software is, but I could jump into after effects, or photoshop, have itunes open, as many browser windows as I want, live type, while I'm checking mail, chatting, etc...

I do have a pc right next to the mac, for certain things that the mac can't do yet, like using windows media encoder, which they need to make for the mac already! But, honesetly I bought a dual g5 and I don't even look back. Was the best purchase I ever made. And seriously, being able to upgrade to 8 gigs of ram, that really can extend the life of this system. I personally, don't think I'll have to even look at slowing down, or needing a new sysetm for 4 or 5 years at this point.

And I'm sure by then I'll have made the investment back on this G5 many many times over.
Jan 8, 2004
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2GHz C2D macbook
I have never done video editing on PC myself, but i have seen people suffer. i have the "slowest" mac available on aple store, eMac 1 GHz G4. yet i can have as many apps open as i want during video rendering with final cut express. of course the PC can have the job done, but the prise is heavy. imagine you have to render 1h secuence. on my eMAC it takes several hours, but i can actively use my computer during these hours, while its rendering in background. on the other hand if you try to do renderin on any PC with P4 2.3 GHz, you better stay away from it during rendering, otherwise it will crash.
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