WIfi Hotspot...Apple Express...Apple Extreme...anyone help out?

Oct 21, 2014
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Hoping some of the apple network experts can help out.
I have a wifi hotspot for 4G internet (Huwaei E5776) - can also function as a USB modem.

Aim: House wide internet, fast local wifi lan for plex streaming. AIrplay to Stereo

Layout. Small Townhouse - Upstairs/Downstairs.
Upstairs best reception for wifi hotspot. Imac nearby.
Airport Express downstairs near amplifier for Airplay.
Airport Extreme - can be anywhere.
No physical cabling - rental.

I have an IMac...Airport Express and an Airport extreme...happy to use all of them in the solution ...or as many as I need to.

Methods I have tried...
Method 1.
Wifihotspot --> AirExp (client) then Ethernet --> AExtreme
This just seemed to be flakey. Would work for a little while but...but not reliably. This seemed to stress out the hotspot - would not give out client ip's ...very slow local traffic as I guess it all heads back via the hotspot?

Method 2.
Tried the above - but disabled DHCP in the hotspot to make the AExtreme do the work. Tried static in AExp and AExt. Still a little flakey. AExt didn't seem to want to dish out Ip address either - difficulty with routing to wifi?? Seemed the most promising...when it worked.

Method 3.
USB Modem function of hotspot into iMAC. Internet Sharing over wifi.
AExpress as Client.
Seems very stable....limited wifi range from the iMAC. I could use the AExtreme to extend it though I suppose. Biggest problem is that Airplay isn't routing back to the AExpress. Is this expected? Don't mind the IMAC running 24/7 ....but probably happier if it didn't.

Anyone suggest a better way? Some config I missed on the above methods?

Should have got a 4G Router....would be a lot easier I suspect.

Appreciate any help


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