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My partner has a Dual 1ghz g4 with 2 gigs of ram. Sweet machine. He recently purchased a dual 2gz g5. The day I was supposed to get his old machine (dual 1 ghz) it wouldnt start. We tried everything and nothing. We took it to the apple store and it turned on there. They said they found nothing wrong. We brought it back and it started a couple times, then it wouldnt start again. We took it back to the apple store and it started again. We brought it back to our office and it wouldnt start. I tried plugging it into every outlet in the office and it wouldnt start. I took it home and it started. Very confused. A bit of info on our office, we have tons of machines here using up electricity. About 14-15 computers, 4 printers, dvd's, faxs, monitors, and a 42" plasma. All the other computers are fine. Im thinking maybe the power supply is damaged where it needs a certain amount of power and its not getting that amount here but it is getting it everywhere else, thats why it starts there? Any help would be TOTALLY appreciated. Please help.



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Here is a guess on my part. If you compare the three site you mentioned, you will see there is a difference in the power requirements. The power demand at the Apple store and your home maybe about the same. In that the number of items on the circuit you plug into. Whereas at the office, in must cases the circuits are over loaded.

I have had a problem similar but different to yours. At my old company (Rockwell) we moved an sgi server from the raised floor (air conditioned area) to an office area. We had installed a separate circuit in both areas. So that should have not been a problem. The sgi server old worked in the air conditioned area. Which was very strange.

I said that to say this, maybe the Dual G4 tower just want to go home with you. ;D

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