why is web browsing so slow in Leopard, compared to linux and windows

Mar 9, 2010
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hello everyone,

this is my first post in the mac forums....

i am wondering how to speed up web browsing in OSX. recently my dad has purchased a mac, and like me, he dislikes the slow web-browsing, and i would like to improve the situation if possible. i will also add that my iMac is just as slow, and we do not use the same ISP, or even live in the same area....we both ahve high-speed connections

in comparison to Windows or Linux, MacOSX's web browsing is somewhat of a joke.
it seems there is a bottle neck, not related to the choice of browser. i am pretty sure i know exactly where the bottle neck is:

in linux to get super-fast web-browsing, you must create a "persistent DNS cache".

so when you are clicking onto a website, it pretty much loads instantly. in OSX this is not the case, regardless of whatever browser you are using: Safari, firefox, opera, etc.
instead OSX seems to hang and takes a little while to deal with DNS...
it would seem to me while apple makes some of the best software out there, even one of the best platforms out there, web-browsing is an area that Apple has seriously
fallen short on....

so my question is, is there a way to improve OSX's performance on the WEB???

i am using Leopard 10.5.8, i am extremely comfortable with the command line and Unix in general(i also use FreeBSD) and if there is a way to improve my web-browsing i would love to know. i have "googled" around and found ways to do this in panther and tiger but not Leopard.

Being as i use several OS's, i almost never waste my time surfing the net with my iMAC, because compared to linux(my primary OS) it is a slow waste of time,
but i would love to fix this.

any ideas???



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Jan 23, 2008
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so my question is, is there a way to improve OSX's performance on the WEB???

One way is to switch your ISP DNS to OpenDNS.

System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> DNS

Enter the Primary and Secondary DNS addresses. You may also have to do the same thing in your router setup menu.


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