Why do i have to keep downloading the same magazines from newsstand

Nov 8, 2011
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Sydney, Australia
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Mac Book Pro '15' i7 Quad Core, iPhone 5, iPod (U2), time capsule (2tb), apple tv.
Hi all,

I am using the Iphone 4 and upgraded to the IOS5 software version. A new application called newsstand is part of this upgrade.

I downloaded a few 'free' magazines and then realised you had to actually pay to view them (ok nothing is free I guess). Anyway onto my point.

I downloaded severall magazines, Fast car, Mac Fromat, Esquire, Fast bikes, Revolver and actually purcahsed a copy of Esquire. You also get a free downloadable copoy with most of these magazines as part of the newsstand launch all of which I have downloaded.

The problem I am encountering is after a day or so the magazine is no longer in my library and it wants me to download all over again, this is happening with every magazine regardless of if I have paid for it or not, it's very annoying becasue if I want to read one I have to download it from scratch and this is hitting my network data allowance, not to mention it's just plain annoying.

Is anyone else having this problem or can suggest what is causing it, I went into the local Apple store in Sydney today but they were unable to help and all they could say was email Itunes support.

Once last thing is regardless of if I go into the app or not I cant get rid of the number circle (top right on the app) it's always telling me I have 6 new versions but even if I go into the app and into the actual magazine the number 6 is still displayed.... very annoying.


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