Which solution for Internet remote access to external HD?

Feb 8, 2010
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Hello guys

Has anyone tried the Internet remote access with a network storage HD?

I need to renew my ageing LaCie 500 gigs external HD and i'd like to get an external HD with Ethernet networking capability and a decent Internet remote access (the idea being not to leave a computer on at home while we are away).

Finding a good back up solution that would work with Time Machine is easy, but the remote access via Internet does not seem that straightforward. I don't mind paying for a reasonable annual fee (say 20$ or £) as an extra for an access system. As long as it works!

I am very tempted by the Netgear Stora, as it seems pretty straightforward, but owners reviews are far less enthusiastic than Netgear website when it comes to remote access.

Does anyone use his/her network storage remotely? How happy are you with your setup?

Thanks for your input!


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