Which One I should Buy?HELP!!!!



i am a uni student, and i want to do some programings such as JAVA, using ECLIPSE or other softwares,Photoshop CS, dreamware,falshMX,surf web, music ,some word processing:D ,DVD.
SO, guys, if i buy a ibook G4 1G with 512 memory 12' screen, do you think that is suitable for my apllications above?


well, if your not in complete need of a notebook i would go for a more powerful system like an eMac 1.25 with superdrive for $999 it's less and you get more. but if you really need a notebook i would say that those could run those apps pretty well accept maybe photoshop and flashMX might be a little tough. if your not on a budget get a powerbook 15 inch :)

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