What's the min server requ for my network?

Dec 7, 2011
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Hi everyone, I have a network of about 30 iMacs at a school managed using Mac OS Server. The Server is about 2 years old, data is connected to a disk array via Firewire 800. The problem is when about 20 students try to log in at the same time, a few iMacs were frozen at the log in screen, while many others took significant amount of time. I am still trying to figure out where the bottleneck is. The Quad-core CPU load was at 100% at that time. Could anyone provide any valuable information? Since I am a helper for the main IT guy I don't have all the info with me at this time. But I can get more info about our Server is you need. To summarize, I would like to know what is causing this network slow down and what's the appropriate server specs for this application. Thx!

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