What's happened to the Dictionary app?

Oct 14, 2010
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I had a problem with my iPhone (4S) last week - for some reason the phone content randomly bloated by 10GB but the reason why couldn't be identified. I went in to the local Apple Genius Bar but after three hours of troubleshooting the final solution was to do a hard reset/reinstall.

In doing so I lost one of my regularly used apps - Dictionary. I'm pretty sure it was a preinstalled app that i'd carried over from previous iOS incarnations. But I can't find it anywhere - it's not in the app store anymore, it's not in my iTunes app backup folder... it's disappeared completely.

What's happened to this app? Where can I find it again?

There's a few other well-rated dictionary apps available in the App Store, but you've gotta pay if you want the ads removed... regardless - I prefer the app that i'm used to.


Having owned an iPhone from the first day they were ever available, there has been no "dictionary" app ever installed on them. Whatever it is you had, it was a third-party product.
May 7, 2013
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United States
2 things could have happened...

Hey Che_Guitarra most likely 2 things could have happened. The first one being that the Dictionary app you wanted was removed from the app store and you can no longer download it. I have had this happen a couple times with apps I loved but for some reason or another it was removed. Also it could be that its no longer compatible with the Iphone4s. Some apps remove compatibility with certain devices and only support newer devices like the Iphone 5 and 5s or 6. If the App store removes the app you can still have it on your phone but if you reset your phone there isn't a way to re download it because it has been removed:'(. You could try searching on the internet for it on a computer to see if its just not showing up because it isn't compatible. Wish you luck,


PS: If you give the name of the dictionary app I can try to look for it and get back to you.......

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