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I'm looking for an AAC/MP3 solution for my home stereo, and have narrowed the choice down to either buying an ipod 40g, or a Homepod thingy...

My major concern on this is the sound quality, I'm currently using my ibook as my major music player, and find the quality to be decent, however, I've read somewhere that the ipod's really lacks in that field.

So my questions are : Is there a major difference between listening to the ipod from the dock's line out, and listening on earphones ?. And has anyone by any chance had the opportunity to compare the Homepod/ipod on that field ??.

I am on "old" HiFi fanatic, and as such the sound quality is of major importance to me... I have been searching the web for any info on this, but it seems that there are no real in depth info.


Jul 22, 2003
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Sound quality is not a problem at all with the iPod if you use the right import qualities....If you do everything at 128kbps mp3 then sure its not gonna sound great. If you have the room go with the highest quality AAC files or if you are not planning on using all of the space just go import everything thing as a WAV file and you will basically have an exact replica.

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