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what picture format to use in FCP?

Feb 22, 2007
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Currently im working on a small dvd project that will consist of numerous picture slideshows with music background. All of this is getting done with Final Cut Pro and Aperture. When im exporting the selected images what is the best format to use for my purpose? JPEG, TIFF or PNG, or it makes no difference. Also, do i need to deinterlace all the photos before they are added to the time line?
Dec 18, 2005
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i dont think it makes much difference. but JPEG's are the smallest file so if you dont want each picture to use up ldz of space then use JPEG format.

CLP - Windows Clipart
DCX - ZOFT Paintbrush
DIB - OS/2 Warp format
FPX - Kodak's FlashPic
IMG GEM - Paint format
JIF JPEG - Related Image format
MAC - MacPaint
MSP - MacPaint New Version
PCT Macintosh PICT format
PCX ZSoft Paintbrush
PPM Portable Pixel Map (UNIX)
PSP Paint Shop Pro format
RAW - Unencoded image format (very large)
RLE Run-Length Encoding
(Used to lower image bit rates)
TIFF - Aldus Corporation format
WPG - WordPerfect image format

hope this helps
Jun 25, 2005
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I wouldn't use JPEG if the original file is something else because JPEGs degrade the image quality. If you must, then leave the quality option to its highest setting.

I couldn't find a quick answer regarding interlacing.

Here are a couple of links you might be interest in though.
Photoshop in FCP
Pan and Scan in FCP.
They have many tutorials.

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