What is the best (easiest) software for developping Scripted Web Pages on a Mac

Mar 22, 2010
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Hi all,
I currently write small commercial applications using microsoft access and VBA to create forms that manipulate data on a database and present it to users in custom built screens.

The next challenge is (having converted to Mac), to be able to write scripted web pages that look and perform like my access applications, but on the web.

I believe the end result will be php script, which I have outsourced historically to third party programmers.

I wish to avoid learning raw php by using a programming interface to create the functionality of the web pages. I believe this is called a “scripted web page”. Just like one builds a form in MS Acces with all the tools and ability to create events with VBA code behind them

Design and look will be done by third parties, it is the functionality I am looking to create, and the shortest learning curve given my vba/access background.

What would be the best (easiest to learn) software that can give the same power and flexibity in creating the scripted web pages that I currently can achieve in ms access forms with VBA, and for use on the Mac – is it Filemaker as suggested by my local Apple Store , which seemed pretty expensive at over £1,200..

My applications when deployed would be on third party servers, and accessed by 5 to 200 users depending on the application.

I don’t want to have to buy licenses or install expensive software for each application I author for my clients, or for my clients to have to buy licenses

Many thanks


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