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Ok, my MBP has been quite the nice machine, except for one little flaw I have noticed. I mostly ALWAYS let my MBP sleep at night, that or I leave my account logged in and just put on the screen saver.

I believe it was back in January that I logged out, and just turned the screen brightness all the way down so the screen was off, and when I awoke in the morning, I clicked on my name to log in, and I got the spinning beach ball. It stayed like that for over 7 minutes (I went and showered and it was still frozen) and I finally had to shut it off by holding down the power button.

I tried it again last night, I hadn't since I had upgraded to 1.5Gb of ram. Same thing, I didn't know if anyone else had this problem. Is part of it becuase I have a password enabled to log on? I wonder if it will do it without having a password. It just freezes when it makes the change to go to my password, so I can't ever type it in, it's really weird.


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
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Don't know - do know I just close the lid on mine when not in use - could be between 2-4 times a day - at least once a week the screen will not come on when it wakes up - I know the system is awake, because I can either hear the drive start up or randomly try a few keyboard shortcuts and it will make a sound telling me you can't do that right now - adjusting the screen brightness does nothing - so have to do a hard power off - have allowed it to sit for as long as 10-12 minutes to no avail

Have been trying to figure out what may be the cause of this - a particular program I left open or something, but have nothing conclusive as of yet.
Nov 27, 2006
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I've had my MBP hiccup coming awake a few times, but not nearly as often as bobtomay reports on his. I find it happens when I open and close then open the lid in quick succession, or otherwise do something that mucks up the machine's natural sleep cycle.

I've also experienced a number of instances in which the machine would wake to the password screen, but if I don't enter the password it goes back to sleep without being closed. Sometimes it takes a number of keystrokes before the computer comes back to life.
Dec 1, 2006
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mine has acted kinda funny a couple times also. when resuming from sleep, ill see the screen power on, but the password prompt never pops up! other times, it pops up, i enter a password, and the prompt goes away, but nothing else happens.

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