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I am currently designing a web page for Mac users in the UK. Although I am very confident in the technical areas of webdesign, php scripting and javascript, graphic design is not my strongest area. I would welcome any feedback on how my site is going and suggestions for colour schemes, logo's, layout etc as I am struggling with ideas on how it should look at the moment.

The url is http://www.macland.co.uk/

All comments are greatly appreciated.

Richard Seale
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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I'd say you're doing a terrific job! Looks great!


I would consider using some white behind the text. It will be easier to read. And the blue text reminds me of Intel since that is their corporate color. One thing to be careful with is the logo. I see that it is a jpg. The thing with jpg compression is that it always gets artifacts with red. Meaning when you have an image with red in it and you save it as a jpg... it will look blurry/fuzzy in the red areas. The logo with the british flag is nice but you may want to try saving it as a gif instead. The blended color in the "Macland" text is a bit over kill. Is there any reason there is a gradient color in the text?

Some words of advice - just because you can do certain things with Photoshop or other programs doesn't mean you "HAVE" to do them.

Text seems a bit large too. I would love to help with your project as I LOVE design, I just don't know a lot about php (although that is something I want to learn and this would make a great project). If you're interested in some design help on the front end of the site, let me know.

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