Virtual PC/Webcam/msn mssngr


Brian Park


I am running os 9.2.2 with 384mbs of RAM on a 400 mhz G3 Pismo/Firewire. My question is that I am running Virtual PC 6.1 to run Windows XP. I have enough memory to do this alone, however when trying to use my Logitech Webcam for PC on MSN Messenger 6.1 I do not get a clear webcam pic (just colored noise). Has anyone done this with any luck? FYI I have allocated 192 mbs of ram within the Virtual PC settings for Windows XP. Perhaps my processor speed isn't fast enough or perhaps I need to allocate more ram for the Windows XP (in which I'd have to buy more memory) . . . . . . if anyone knows that would be great.


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