Videos Disappear On Memory Stick

Sep 1, 2013
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I have an odd situation.
I have a 16GB stick where I have loaded about 10 short videos onto.
The total used capacity is only about 2GB.
I then successfully play the MP4 videos on my TV using a Media Player box.
When I plug the stick back into my IMAC computer, the MP4 videos have disappeared (they only disappear after I play them on the media player first.......if I unplug the loaded videos from my IMAC,then immediately plug it back in again,they are still there) . I do not have the ability to delete the videos on the Media Box.
I should also say that on this stick I have AVI videos and I can still see them (on my IMAC after playing on media box).
The strange thing is, if I go into GET INFO for the stick,I can tell by the GB usage that the MP4's are still there

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