Using my Mac Mini, Apple TV and Time Capsule. How to use them best together...

Feb 16, 2010
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Ok, to cut a long story short. I've recently bought a Mac Mini,then I decided to purchase Apple Tv so I could have all my movies and music in one place and watch them through my surround sound, then because all my movies were taking up all my space on my computer hard drive I bought a Time Capsule.

However, i'm not the best with computers and am a little stuck and not sure how to do a few things so need some advice.(Sorry if this has been posted anywhere else)

So here goes:
1. I want to know, is it possible to delete all my media files from my computer hard drive, store them on Time Capsule and then stream from Time Capsule to apple tv ? If so how do I do it ?

2. Or......can I just delete all my files from my computer hardrive and then use time capsule to stream to computer to apple tv ? (meaning i've have to have all 3 on if i wanted to watch a film?)

3.Or.....if I purchase more movies,media etc on apple store, will time capsule automatically find them and back them up when it does its daily backup so everything stays up to date ?
(I also use handbrake to put my dvds to my pc...not sure if this makes a difference as to where they are stored so thought i'd mention it.)
and finally..

I'm just a bit unsure about the way the apple tv syncs, does it only sync from my mac or is there a way it can sync from time capsule without the computer on ?

Either way, (if there is a way) the only thing i'm really conncered about and want to do is have all my media off my computer hard drive as it's full and my mini is now slower than anything....

Hope you can help. :Smirk:

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